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    Postnick is an online wallet for postal addresses. User can create address nicknames called >>postnicks. This allows everyone to share complex address information with nicknames like >>john.home, >>lisa.office, >>company.hq, >>moonshine. Sounds perfect right?
    Each >>postnick is unique and therefore has a digital asset value.
    Users get 1 nickname for free and for additional nicknames pays only $2/year just like domain name registration.
    You can list your >>postnicks in the marketplace for any price.
    There are over 750 names already listed and several nicks have been sold for $10, 50, even $150 meaning at least 5x revenue to unlimited potential with the expansion of the platform.

    To register you may visit http://www.postnick.com.

    To see what kind of nicknames have already been listed and to what price, you may also visit https://www.postnick.com/#/marketplace.

    Please give your thoughts and ideas on this new investment area.

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