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    Ethereum is an open source blockchain network with smart contract functionality. In the crypto marketplace, ethereum is the second largest digital currency in the world which has high trade volume. After bitcoin, ethereum is the most popular & valuable cryptocurrency. Ethereum blockchain is the best platform for token development, smart contract development and dapps development. As I said earlier, ethereum is a kind of public blockchain space, so anyone can utilize this platform.

    Ethereum has more than ten token standards. If you are about to create a token, you must know about the different token standards and which is the best for your token creation and business.

    Here is the list of ethereum token standards


    In the above listed token standards, ERC20 is the most popular token standard in the ethereum network. And more particularly, Many startups & entrepreneurs are mostly preferred ERC20 token standard for token creation, smart contract and application. ERC20 Tokens are fungible tokens, which means each of the tokens has the same value. It will be easier for ICO projects to distribute the tokens and raise the fund. The separate protocol and simple interface of erc20 token standards helps in smooth transactions.

    Properties of ERC20 token standard

    Makes asset interchangeable
    Used on compatible platforms
    Simplified transaction
    Interacts with other currencies.
    Smart contract

    Why ERC20 Token preferred mostly ?

    The ERC20 token standard stands out among other standards because of its benefits.

    Easy coding
    Less time to create
    Highly secured with smart contract
    Crypto wallet deployment
    Automatic transaction
    Quick fundraising

    Now, you know all the details about ERC20 Token standards and why it is popular in the crypto space and used by many startups, entrepreneurs.

    Do you want to create your own ERC20 token?

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