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    The Zed run clone script is an exact replica of the popular blockchain-based NFT game Zed run. The script incorporates all of the existing Zed run features. The Zed Run Clone script packages come with the web app source code, Token contract, wallet integration API, NFT marketplace, and game graphical user interface. Extras like the Zed run AR app, customer support options, and referral programmes are available as needed.

    Hivelance is the premier NFT game development company.To ease the process of developing blockchain-based NFT games like Zed Run easier, Hivelance has provided a ready-made solution known as Zed Run clone script. For us, there are three options. There are three options: white-labeled copies of Zed Run, scripts already written for Zed Run, and custom programming.

    YEAR END SALE- Grab Up To 30% Off on Our Zed Run clone script the Offer ends on Dec 31.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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