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    NBA Top Shot Clone is a prefabricated & readily customizable NFT based trading platform for sports collectibles. It is pre-embedded with high-end features such as package drops, decentralization, storefront, waiting room, guide, KYC/AML verification, etc. Without any further doubt, this seems to be a perfect solution for entrepreneurs who have a plan to deploy the NFT marketplace for sports on short notice. Here’s the flow of how the NBA Top Shot Clone works in a brief note.

    Workflow of an NBA Top Shot Clone:

    An NFT marketplace for sports is an easy-to-use platform as the users could begin with signing up by specifying their required details. And, proceed with the verification process in order to ensure their identity.

    Once they have finished the initial setup process, they need to link their digital wallet in order to go ahead with the following steps. The first-time users have to make a purchase of a starter pack.

    After making an initial purchase and having their own collection, they are now ready to join the package drops and get a random collection of sports moments. Then, they can sell those in the marketplace which they have owned.

    Apart from this, they have an option to list the purchased rare collections of sports moments in the virtual showcase and display these for the public view.

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