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    The growing demand for crypto exchange platforms paved the way for the emergence of such platforms. In the fast-paced world and with the advent of technological advancements, anyone could come up with launching the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform.

    Workflow Of The Coinbase Clone In Simple Steps

    Step 1
    The users have to take the first step of creating their accounts in the P2P crypto exchange platform with the input of general information like email addresses and passwords. Then, they have to verify their email addresses in order to continue with the following steps.

    Step 2
    The users could add their bank accounts. Or else, they have to link their credit cards or debit cards details. When they provide their bank accounts, the platform will prompt them to verify and validate for the first one of two transactions. On the other hand, when users link their cards in the coinbase clone, they have to upload a screenshot of the cards they want to link.

    Step 3
    Once done with the foremost & essential steps, the users will be able to sell, buy, transfer cryptocurrencies with others who are using the platform. After this, the users could check the transaction history with the specifications of service fees for each and every transaction.

    As A Final Say,

    With clear insights into what the Coinbase Clone is about and how it works, anyone can come up with launching a crypto exchange platform. To do so, move forward with a Coinbase Clone development. For this, you have to partner with a suitable company.

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