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    UberEats Clone is a pre-fabricated food delivery solution, encompassed with significant features and crafted using recent technologies. This will permit the entrepreneurs to launch their food ordering & delivery app in a short span. It is not only suitable for entrepreneurs but also for restaurant owners who want to expand their existing business.

    General features of our UberEats Clone app

    Social media integration – Apart from using an email address/phone number to sign up with the app, authorizing the customers to register instantly with their social media credentials.

    Route optimization – The app displays the shortest route, which will be devoid of traffic. This will be helpful for the delivery executives to reach the customers’ location without delay.

    Earnings report – The delivery executives can check their earnings on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

    Manage orders – The inclusion of this feature in the restaurant panel will enable the restaurant managers to view and manage the ongoing orders and upcoming order requests in a single place.

    Analytics report – This feature in the powerful admin panel will enable the app owner to look after the entire business operations in which they also get to know the customers’ behavior. Other parameters include heatmaps and demands.

    Robust features in UberEats Clone makes it convenient for customers

    Contactless delivery – Customers can opt to get their food items placed in front of their doorsteps. This is to avoid delivery executives’ contact. It seems to be a trustworthy feature amidst the Covid-19 crisis.

    Pickup – Typically, the users can place orders via the app and the delivery executives will hand over these. Besides this, let them get their orders directly from the restaurants without intermediaries.

    E-wallets – Offer easy and smooth payment transactions within the app as the customers do not have to rely on cash payments.

    Availability of restaurants – The restaurant managers have the option to specify the opening and closing hours of eateries.

    Bulk booking – This feature gives access to the customers to place bulk orders for events or any occasion.

    Advanced features you could consider including in an app like UberEats

    Scheduled delivery – To opt for this, customers have to specify the time for food order delivery. The delivery executives will reach out to the customers’ location at a specified time and deliver the orders.
    Categories/Sub-categories – In the restaurant panel, restaurant owners can group similar food items under a single category. This helps the UberEats Clone app users to find their favorite ones hassle-free.

    Referrals – The referral system will pave the way to gain more users, permitting them to send referral links for installing the app to their friends via social media channels. You can reward them with bonus points on every successful referral.

    Coupons – The offerings of promo codes or coupons to your loyal customers regularly. This will increase the customer base and open the way for more sales & revenue.

    Multiple restaurant orders – Users have the ability to place multiple orders from multiple restaurants and get these delivered at the same time.

    Why Choose our UberEats Clone Script?

    Customizable solution – Our UberEats Clone Script is 100% customizable, and so it can be modified based on your requirements.
    White-label product – The app we offer can be rebranded with your logo, brand name, and tagline.
    Cost-effective – The cost will be determined depending on the customization you need. However, it ought to be budget-friendly compared to developing the app from scratch.
    Third-party integrations – The app solution supports the integration of third-party services, enabling it to include multiple gateways.
    Quick launch – The time required to develop might not take much time and so it will be ready to launch soon.

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