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    In recent times, due to China’s crackdown of more than 90% of the mining hubs, the price of Bitcoin plummeted to 6 months low. There is a state of panic among the traders regarding their cryptocurrency. This is the right to pop up the situation of FOMO among the investors. Even the infamous death cross has been also predicted a meanwhile. This is the time when one should acquire more coins as after the dip there is an expected rise in the price value. But that is merely optimistic speculation. Volatility in the market is common as the markets swing between bullish to bearish and then bearish to bullish. This is a market phenomenon that investors need to apprehend and acquire further knowledge regarding market behavior.
    Etor Exchange is that platform where investors can take the advantage of the volatile market by taking leverage up to 100 X and can do Margin Trading on their INR deposits. It is India’s first platform that caters such a facility to the investors on their INR deposits. In such a case investors can easily HODL their position as long as they can without any extra charges. The market keeps swinging but investors can still earn profits. This is a golden opportunity for Indian investors.

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