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    * Two-factor Authentication- This feature prevents unauthorized access to your crypto wallet.
    * QR-Code Scanner- With the feature, users can scan and deposit their assets in a short span of time into their wallets.
    * Transaction History- Your Platform Users can access all the transaction details made on the platform.
    * Cross-Platform Support- The wallet is compatible with other platforms making it easy for global users.
    * Payment Gateway Integration- The wallets can be integrated with any gateway to enable easy deposit and withdrawal of digital assets.
    * Auto-session Logout- If the wallet is inactive for some period of time, sessions are closed automatically to prevent fraudulent activities.
    * OTC trading facility- OTC stands for Over-the-counter trading, which permits direct trading of digital assets between 2 different users. The translations are very safe and quick.
    * In-chat transactions- In order to enable wallet users to exchange their crypto assets quickly, the in-chat transaction feature comes handy. The users need not depend on the services of the exchange platform.

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