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    Being a person from the technological era, the fashion towards Cryptos, NFTs, Bitcoins are becoming so common. Away from its new addon in the marketplaces, this news totally knocked the fangirl in me. I know the world is heading up, but seriously is BigB into NFT? I’m curious! And guess, so you are too. Our dear Amitabh Ji is to launch his Punks, man. Being crazy over the ever-stylish Bachchan, I was literally taken to this page, BeyondLife. And I believe it will do the same to you if the Angry Young Man’s blood is running in. Grab the opportunity, and it says you will also get to meet him. So, beta chale yaar!

    Check out… https://amitabh.beyondlife.club/

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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