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    Margin trading is a beneficiary weapon for the investors who come with less capital and would like to go for higher investment. There are a number of such cryptocurrency exchanges available which provide this facility. ETOR Exchange is one of the finest exchanges and set as per the Indian investors. It not only allows the investors to go for margin trading but also provides 100X leverage which boosts the investors’ capital. Higher the investment, higher the profits, at the same time the risk also follows. Risk can be minimized with proper guidance and the right approach towards the market.

    Etor Exchange is India’s first Margin Trading platform which provides investors to leverage their capital 100X. But it is advisable for the beginners not to go for 100X leverage as would generate high risk and unbearable loss. It is suggested that always use the extra amount of money to invest in cryptocurrency. With Etor Exchange this extra amount could be an asset to generate extra money and avail the benefits.

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