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    1inch Exchange Clone Script is a ready-made DEX aggregator script that helps crypto startups to launch a DeFi Exchange like 1inch.

    This feature-packed clone script helps to launch a DEX exchange with smart routing and liquidity aggregation that operates similarly to a 1inch exchange to achieve the best possible revenue streams.

    Using this clone script, you can deploy the most effective DeFi-based DEX aggregator platform instantly within minimum budget and time

    Top 3 features while opting 1inch clone

    • It’s a fully decentralized exchange script
    • It can be customized as per the business model
    • Faster deployment

    Major features of 1inch exchange clone script


    • Supports a wide range of digital wallets
    • Multi-chain support
    • Admin console
    • Admin revenue settings
    • Swap history
    • Analytics
    • User management


    • Instant token swapping
    • Staking
    • Add liquidity
    • Multilingual support
    • Referral program

    Security features of 1inch exchange clone script

    • Encrypted digital wallets
    • Contract-based security
    • Tokens secured by smart contracts
    • Secure wallet integration
    • End-to-end encryption

    Beyond these explained features, there are many perks for crypto startups. If you want any detailed queries, then Get connected with industry experts for more information and GET A FREE LIVE DEMO of the 1inch exchange clone script.

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