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    Initial Game Offering (IGO) Launchpad Development

    Failure doesn’t mean the game is over, it means try again with experience. The Growth of online games is increasing day by day which cannot be explained in words. It is evidence of a major shift from Play to Win – Play to Earn with the emergence of NFT. The Rise of a NFT Game like Axie Infinity, Alien Worlds, Crypto Blades etc. shows the huge interest of the people in NFT related Games. The players can earn money while playing the NFT games. As a leading NFT Development Company , Bitdeal delivers the NFT Gaming Launchpad services which let you create enormous funds with your nft games.

    Features Of Bitdeal’s IGO Launchpad


    We Ensure to build a White-lable NFT Gaming Launchpad that is compatible with the multiple blockchains.

    Instant Liquidity

    NFT Handled in Bitdeal’s Game Launchpad have an immediate effect and instant liquidity.

    Crypto Wallet Integration

    Investors can integrate their favorite crypto wallets with the gaming launchpad

    Multi-Chain Support

    Bitdeal made the IGO Platform more concerned with interoperability.

    Anti-Scam Measures

    We integrate Anti-scam measures with our White Label NFT Gaming Launchpad to track the proxy patterns.

    Cross-Chain Swap

    In this feature of Cross-chain Swap users can trade tokens on different blockchain.

    Automated Liquidity Pool

    The main purpose of creating an Automated Liquidity pool in Game Launchpad is to allow investors to add funds to the pool.


    Bitdeal’s IGO launchpad is completely decentralized and all functions of our launchpad are fully open for people to verify.

    Bitdeal is the Leading Initial Game Offering Development Company serving all over the world. We provide all kinds of NFT Related Services with various industries such as NFT Exchange, Marketplace, ART, Music, Gaming, Gaming Launchpad, Real Estate Marketplace Etc.

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