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    Choosing the niche can be tricky and challenging; however, pick the right niche so that you can stay ahead of the competitors and concurrently attract players. If you take sports, you have multiple options to choose from, like cricket, football, basketball, etc. The sport you pick should be on the basis of your target audiences’ preferred sports, which you can find out in a variety of ways.

    Know The Market
    Knowing the market in which you are investing in, is highly important. The online sports betting market is already rich in competitors. However, you can highlight your sports betting platform by securing it with smart contracts. Start working out the unique selling points of your betting platform that will differentiate your platform from your competitors’ platforms. Choosing an efficient blockchain (one that consumes fewer gas fees and provides faster transactions) and interactive features will definitely contribute to highlighting your platform.

    Choose The Developer
    Choosing the developer for your crypto-based betting platform development is another crucial aspect involving voluminous research. When choosing the developer, you’ll probably look into the main criteria like cost and deadline. Appdupe provides smart contract-based betting platform development services, and the highlights of our service include blockchain selection, an agile development process, robust smart contract development, on-time delivery, and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
    click here: https://www.appdupe.com/blog/smart-contract-based-betting-platform-development/?utm_source=pocket_mylist

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