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    Cryptokitties is a first ever blockchain game built on Ethereum and it is also considered as the very first form of NFT. We all know that the craze for NFTs went high after the launch of Facebook META. Obviously, Many business minders out there are willing to start their own NFT game just like cryptokitties.

    Bitdeal comes with instant solution to start a NFT game like Cryptokitties with Cryptokitties Clone Script.

    Cryptokitties Clone Script

    Cryptokitties Clone Script is a well-developed, gene coded nft gaming script embedded with DNA sequences to build an exact, NFT gaming platform just like Crytokitties. With Bitdealā€™s Cryptokitties Clone, business people can build custom avatars with multiple features. The Platform build with our clone script ensures tight security and provides comfort trading features to the users.

    Ben Jonas

    In short, To begin, you must first create a crypto wallet (which is free), then locate a play to earn game on the blockchain (P2E), and finally connect the two. You will be able to store and earn in-game things that can be sold in marketplaces for bitcoin after installing the game and connecting your wallet. 02-Nov-2021

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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