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    Games have always been one of the basic needs of human beings. With the rapid development of productivity, it is not difficult for us to find that there is more and more time for leisure and entertainment, and many people rely on games to live and live quite well.

    As far as I know, under the influence of policy pressure, a lot of mining farms in the currency circle died this year, but many mining farms have transformed into game studios, and they are living more freely than before.

    As long as the hardware and software are properly debugged, the game project can be sustainable, and money is not difficult to come by. Today I am going to introduce a new metaverse gaming platform called GXG.

    What is GXG Metaverse Gaming Platform?

    GXG recently introduced it’s Metaverse Gaming Platform which is totally building on the metaverse concept as a future gaming industry. In metaverse, a virtual reality entertainment world with gaming where people can play and socialize.

    That is the new chapter for the gaming industry which is very innovative, creative and speculative. In the GXG Meta-verse Gaming Platform, players are allowed to develop games on the blockchain independently. GameFi (Gaming Finance) is created with NFT characters and hosts competitions.

    What is GXG token?

    GXG token is a type of crypto share base on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) DEP-20. GXG created the token as a reward to the players. Token holders can receive rewards from the mining pool. The transparency of all economic processes is ensured by verified smart contracts built on BSC blockchain.
    GXG builds their platform as a high-quality economic model so the GXG token is very reliable and GXG team will give full attention to all about their tokens.

    Why GXG? How it works?

    The GXG token on the other hand is a form of crypto-share underlying the GXG gaming metaverse platform which supports GXG gaming platform. The planned total investment is about 5 million euros and will include various types of metaverse game and it’s services. GXG metaverse games will be provided by well-known gaming providers like Evolution, Lucky Streak, Asia Gaming, HoGaming and will serve over 20 providers and also 40 kinds of cryptocurrencies payment methods.

    The platform is fully operational and licensed by international regulators. The GXG token is form of rewards to the GXG players in the ecosystem. It is based on BSC blockchain and is ensured by verified smart contracts. On the other hand, GXG token’s presale activity is currently available at http://www.gxgcoin.io and earns a minimum of 5% bonus during the presale period. eg. 1GXG=$0.1 (USDT)

    How to earn money with GXG token?

    According to the GXG token economic model, investors who hold GXG tokens or participate in pledged LP tokens will receive GXG Token rewards every day. The reward is issued directly from the Mining Pool to the investor’s platform account. This process is called mining. According to the smart contract, 65% of GXG gaming daily’s net income will purchase GXG TOKEN from the current market and automatically inject it into the Mining Pool. When investors receive GXG mining rewards, investors can choose to sell GXG tokens in the market to obtain immediate returns, or they can choose to continue to participate in pledges to obtain higher forward returns.

    Token Mining & Staking

    The players of GXG platform will become the real investors by playing at GXG. Players collecting GXG tokens through playing games on GXG metaverse gaming platform is the process of mining in GXG. That will be so easy to mine your token in GXG Metaverse Platform.

    Tokens are mined by the player in a 65/35 proportion. So for each token mined by the player, only 0.35 goes back to the GXG team. Team can not be withdrawn from the smart contract until all tokens are mined. That is the basic reward system on GXG Token Mining.

    Both GXG token mining and staking will be provided on the platform. So, you can be a crypto miner or stakeholder, and also an investor of GXG Met-verse gaming platform.

    GXG in 2022 (Play to earn games)

    GXG metaverse gaming platform will be launched on 25th Jan 2022 with the reward model and public token mining will begin. In 15th June 2022, the mobile applications of GXG for both IOS and Android version will be launched soon.

    GXG tokens also will be listed on centralized exchanges at the same day. Therefore, the GXG token will be one of the best innovated tokens to hold or invest in 2022 and beyond.(J^x2TSMvRj1COh0^)


    GXG platform is that they are very open and have full transparency. Basically, it will be important for investors to choose to hold GXG assets for a long time .The good thing about GXG is they won’t just serve metaverse games alone. They truly envision an industry where not only users can gain immersive experience but also their partners in providing the metaverse space the best experience.
    Any inquiries, please visit to http://www.gxgcoin.io

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