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    Many artists and designers are looking for a new way to create and sell their own NFT. It is easy to create your own NFT (either a GIF, or an image) and it doesn’t require any crypto knowledge. NFT artwork can be used to make collectibles such as sets of digital trading card cards.

    How to create an NFT

    Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, TRON, and much more. Each blockchain has its own NFT token standard, compatible wallet service, and marketplace. For instance, if you create NFT on BSC, you can sell them on the NFT platform that supports BSC assets. so you wouldn’t be allowed to sell them on anything like OpenSea which is on Ethereum based NFT marketplace.

    Ethereum has a comprehensive NFT ecosystem, here’s what you’ll need to create your own NFT artwork, music, or video on the Ethereum blockchain:

    * ERC-721 is the Ethereum based NFT token standard that supports Ethereum wallets such as MetaMask, Trust wallet, or Coinbase wallet.
    * Enough Ether to pay the gas fees. You can purchase Ether with the U.S. dollar, British pound sterling, and other fiat currencies from your Coinbase wallet. otherwise, You will have to buy Ether from a cryptocurrency exchange.

    Once you have these, you can connect your wallet to a number of NFT-centric platforms and upload the image or file that you wish to make into an NFT.

    Here are the popular Ethereum based NFT marketplaces they are

    * OpenSea
    * Rarible
    * Mintable

    Permits you to create your own NFT, but you must first register as a listed artist on the site and these marketplaces have a “create” button in the top right corner.

    Let’s see the OpenSea the largest Ethereum based NFT marketplace work process.

    Click the create button and select my collections and then click create button on there. a window will appear to upload your artwork or file, add a name, and include a description.

    This is basically creating a folder to store your newly created NFTs.

    Now you are ready to create your first NFT. Click the button “Add New Item” to sign another message with your wallet.

    A new window will open where you can upload your NFT photo, audio, GIF, or 3D model.

    OpenSea, and other marketplaces, allow you to add special traits and attributes that increase the uniqueness and scarcity of your NFT. the creators can be added Unlockable content that is only accessible to the purchaser. It could be passwords that allow you to access certain services, discount codes, or contact information.

    After you are done, click “create” at the bottom. To confirm the creation of the NFT, You should now see the artwork in your collection.

    How to sell NFT

    You will need to find your NFTs in your collection and click on them to find the “sell” button. This will open a pricing page, where you can set the terms of sale to run a fixed-price or an auction.

    You can sell your NFTs for common cryptocurrencies such as Ether and other ERC-20 tokens. However, some NFT platforms only support the native token of the blockchain they were developed.

    Click on the Edit button to edit the collection image on OpenSea. You can program in royalties or choose which ERC-20 token to receive when you sell the NFT.

    NFT creators can earn royalties every time an asset is sold to another person. This creates passive income streams that will last a lifetime for artists and other content creators.

    Sometimes, listing NFTs on a marketplace requires payment. Although it is not always the case with every platform, it is something you should be aware of when creating NFTs.

    How to buy NFT

    There are three things to remember before you rush to purchase NFTs.

    * Which marketplace would you like to purchase NFTs?

    * Which wallet is required to connect to the platform and buy NFTs?

    * To complete the sale, which cryptocurrency will you need to fund your wallet?

    Wrap up

    NFTs continue to be popular. NFT sales in the first five days of 2022 exceeded $700 million on OpenSea. This was largely due to the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club collections. There are more blockchains competing to provide better NFT services. choose from one, now is a great time to create and sell NFTs.

    Ben Jonas

    You’ll need to make, or’mint,’ your NFT first. To create an NFT of your artwork, you’ll need to choose an NFT platform and a payment wallet, the latter of which you’ll use to pay fees – and to collect any payments if your NFT is sold.

    You may make and sell an NFT on a variety of internet venues. OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, Foundation, VIV3, BakerySwap, Axie Marketplace, and NFT ShowRoom are some of the most popular NFT auction platforms. For a comparison of some of the most popular NFT marketplaces, see our guide to NFT marketplaces.

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