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    Binance introduced Binance smart chain(BSC) to offer the users a platform to build and develop DApps. It is entirely programmable and considered a parallel blockchain which creates a dual-chain system by bringing programmability to Binance Chain. Therefore, Binance smart chain gained huge attention from developers, traders, and investors. So, by using Binance smart chain, one can create a BEP20 token which is in a great hype now.

    BEP20 Token
    BEP20 is a token standard that comes under the binance smart chain. It is the most popular token standard used for fungible token creation. BEP20 is an enhanced standard of BEP2 and is compatible with ERC20 tokens. It attracted a huge number of crypto startups and traders due to transactional speed and other desirable features. They are,

    Features of BEP20 Token
    1. Flexibility
    2. Faster Transactions and High scalability
    3. Entirely Decentralized solutions
    4. Cross-chain Compatibility
    5. Exchange listings
    6. POS and DPOS support

    How to create a BEP20 Token?
    Creating a BEP20 token is not a tedious task. They can be created in two ways. If you are well versed in Binance Smart Chain platforms, blockchain coding, and strong skills in solidity, then you can develop by yourself. Also, you need to set business requirements for BEP20 token creation. Secondly, You can pick a top-rated BEP20 Token development company in the blockchain space which will help you to create BEP20 tokens with elite features in a cost-efficient manner.

    There are many BEP20 token development companies available in the Crypto ecosystem. You have to research and find the professional BEP20 token development company based on their portfolio, experience, projects and more.
    Based on my analysis I found that Zab technologies, a renowned Token development company, has years of experience and they provide you with the best-in-class token services at an affordable price.

    If you have insights about BEP20 Token creation, Contact them Via;

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