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    In this digital world, we can make different types of businesses digitally. In that way, cryptocurrency exchanges are one of the most profitable business models. The large number of people performing in crypto trading and crypto investing. Which inspired many startups to dive into making their own crypto exchange platforms.

    Coinbase is the most popular US-based cryptocurrency exchange platform. It has a number of users who can easily buy and sell all types of cryptocurrencies and coins. Further, Coinbase supports DeFi to make an open financial system that uses censorship-resistant tools, impartial, programmable, and available to anyone with a smartphone.

    Many crypto enthusiasts and business startups are looking to build a crypto exchange platform like Coinbase.

    But, They all have one common question: How much does it cost to start a crypto exchange
    like Coinbase?

    Here I would like to review the cost of building a crypto exchange like Coinbase. Starting a crypto exchange like Coinbase cost is based on creating ways and features.

    In three possible ways that you can develop your crypto exchange like Coinbase

    1)Open source code
    2)Build from scratch
    3)Build from clone script

    Open source code: If you have good knowledge of open source code you can develop your exchange on your own without any cost. But it’s not easy and attainable for everyone.

    Build from scratch: Build from scratch will take a minimum of six months to complete and it requires a high investment cost.

    Build from clone script: Launching a Coinbase exchange from a clone script is a reliable way to build your crypto exchange in a short period and also a low-cost investment.

    Building a crypto exchange like Coinbase could start from $5k with basic features and it will vary based on your business needs and features that you integrate into your platform.

    Check out the article on the cost to start a crypto exchange to get more information.

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