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    Developing a ride-sharing app similar to Uber is made easy nowadays. There are several app development companies that can help you create a taxi app. Now, coming to the development cost, it varies from locations to locations. Usually, developers charge hourly rates for app development. Some of the essential stages and their total hours include,

    – Brainstorming ideas and analyzing needs – 150-200 hours.
    – Designing the app – 100-150 hours.
    – Develop the app’s front-end – 700-800 hours.
    – Back-end development – 300-400 hours.
    – Testing the app – 200 hours (on average).

    Now, when it comes to hosting solutions, shared or cloud hosting can be the best because it can withstand heavy traffic without any hassle. Shared hosting rates vary between $2 – $15 per month, while Cloud hosting can vary between $5 – $100 per month.

    Thus it takes around 2000-2500 hours on average to develop an app like Uber, the appropriate hosting, and maintenance fees as mentioned above. Assuming the development rate to be $10 per hour, it takes $20000 – $25000 to create the taxi app.

    For a alternative and inexpensive way of taxi app development, you can choose a Uber clone app. Uber Clone is a ready-made taxi app solution that help you to create a taxi app that connects passengers and drivers, similar to Uber, but with modifications.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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