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    Virginia Romo

    I believe education should education be free for everyone. It is very beneficial to every aspect of life. It’s education that makes man into the most intelligent living thing on earth. It empowers people and makes them prepared for the problems of daily life. Education is the main instrument to eliminate unemployment and poverty. If you’re poor and uninformed, a person doesn’t have the opportunity to live a healthy and healthy lifestyle. However, should he be educated, he could lead happily and live a healthy and happy life.


    Free tuition is certainly a very good thing, but let’s be realistic: These are times when many companies simply don’t have the means or ability to do free training or courses. In general, there are companies that do free training, but they are not everywhere and there are very few of them.
    I would be interested to know about math courses. It would be very cool if they were free, but advise paid ones too. would be very grateful for an answer!

    L.K. Kovas

    This is a rather interesting question, which I am happy to answer. For me, the most difficult subject in school is math. My son, when he first started school, was of the same opinion, because for him various calculations and tasks were very difficult. I didn’t think much and enrolled him in a course that teaches maths for class 4. I believe that if your child doesn’t understand math in school, it’s not his problem, but the teachers’. The online courses explain everything to him in more detail and now he doesn’t complain to me that he can’t do it.

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