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    Developing a video conferencing app like Zoom needs time, effort, and persistence. You must have prior knowledge about it so that you can choose a wise approach to proceed with it. The following steps will guide you through. Have a glimpse!

    In-depth Market study

    It is the foremost and indispensable step you should take before proceeding with the app development process or starting a business. This will let you know how your business idea will work in the current market.

    Competitor analysis will open the door for you to take your business to be successful. When your business concept already exists, this analysis will help you to frame a unique idea. This is how you can make your app distinguishable.

    Moreover, determine which group of the audience you wish to target. Do not forget to understand their demands, preferences, and expectations. To do so, you can conduct surveys.

    With all these, contemplate framing your business with unique selling points. However, this will bring wider possibilities for your business to succeed and get a higher chance to reach a broader target audience base.

    Appealing interface – App design

    Once you have drafted the app idea, you should concentrate on the Zoom Clone app’s design. Make use of bright colors to grab the users’ attention. Moreover, it would be mandatory that the interface be intuitive and appealing for the app users. Take Zoom as an example. It has made the design flawless.

    Relevant features – Deciding the functionality of Zoom Clone

    It’s so obvious that features will decide how Zoom Clone will function. The typical functionality of video conferencing apps is that the users can communicate with others after finishing the signup process, using end-to-end encryption. Here’s a list of the must-have features of Zoom Clone.

    Instant registration
    User profile
    Video call & Voice call
    Screen sharing
    Virtual background

    Regardless, the choice of innovative and advanced features will make the functionality more seamless for the users. The famous saying “put yourself in customers’ shoes” suits well here. The additional features should be user-friendly.

    The choice of the technology stack

    The technologies chosen for Zoom Clone app development vary depending on the platform you decide on. The choice of app platform depends on your target audience.

    Single platform app – Kotlin & Java (Android), Objective-C & Swift (iOS)
    Cross-platform app – Flutter and React Native

    Frontend & backend development

    Frontend development focuses on how the users visualize your app. On the flip side, backend development comprises a database and webserver. Notably, the backend is the backbone of the app development process. The app developers will make an effort to develop the app for your requirements.

    App testing & launching

    Once done with the development stage, make sure Zoom Clone is devoid of bugs, errors, glitches, and issues. If any is found, it has to be fixed. It is necessary to launch a bug-free app. All set? Deploy the app on the platform you choose.

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