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    Most retailers create online supermarkets to provide customers with information about a product’s price, discounts, and nutrition (for food items). Costco goes further and attaches a PDF with complete information to each product in their database. Also, most in-store grocery apps allow users to check the availability of products in a certain store.

    Advanced search and categorization is another must for any grocery app. But how can retailers store and process giant piles of data about products that need to be regularly updated?

    This functionality, as well as online order management, is impossible without a reliable and scalable database. If you want to explore this topic in detail, we recommend you read our guide on vital things to consider when choosing a database for your app. It contains a detailed overview of popular databases and some tips for choosing one.

    You can also mix and match databases, with each serving a particular purpose. For instance, Walmart uses the MySQL and Cassandra databases for storage, while Neo4j helps them build powerful product recommendation algorithms.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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