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    ETOR Exchange provides numerous facilities for traders related to cryptocurrency. Traders can now avail 100X leverage on their INR deposits. Leverage boosts up the buying ability of the traders and they can go for a higher bid. ETOR Exchange also conducts seminars and webinars where new traders can learn and earn for cryptocurrency. It’s a now or never kind of situation. Avail the facility of zero holding charges which can allow the traders to take the advantage of a volatile market. Since there are no holding charges, traders can HODL their position as long as they want and wait for the ATH position of the cryptocurrency. ETOR Exchange also gives the facility of 100X leverage where traders can take the collateral fund from the exchange and can use it for a higher bid.

    High leverage can be taken with experience and having proper market knowledge otherwise the boon can change into a curse. Without proper market knowledge, traders can lose all their assets. Therefore, it is advised for beginners to take the leverage with utmost care. Once experienced, traders can go for higher leverage. Register with ETOR Exchange and welcome your bright future.

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