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    Nowadays many merchants started accepting cryptocurrencies as payments. Most of them transfer cryptocurrencies for their goods and services. That’s how payment gateways entered into the crypto field. Crypto payment gateway is software that helps to transact cryptocurrencies from one to another without any hurdles. Providing the best crypto payment gateway for users will help you to generate a lot of revenue. Only a few started and succeeded in the crypto payment gateway business. Among them, Bitpay and CoinPayments are well-known crypto payment gateways in the marketplace.

    So, creating a Cryptocurrency payment gateway platform is one of the uprising businesses in the crypto field. That’s why startups are willing to start a crypto payment gateway business. They are continuously looking for information about starting a crypto payment gateway. This write-up covers essential features to be implemented into a crypto payment gateway. Because features play the main role in the crypto business. Every crypto user wants trending features. Here I segregated the features into two parts one is user-based and another one is admin-based.

    User/Merchant features:

    User/merchant login
    Impressive dashboard
    Wallet integration
    Deposit & Withdrawal history
    Transaction details
    Merchant tools
    Button maker
    Html post field
    IPN history
    API key generation

    Admin features:

    Admin Dashboard
    View User Deposit/Withdraw History
    Merchant Payment History
    Commission Settings
    Merchant Details
    Merchant API Category
    Security Settings
    Content Management System

    These features are the most significant aspects that enhance platform efficiency and reliability. You can get all these extraordinary features on your platform only by hiring a team of experts and proper guidance. In case, you are reaching the development firm, then it is important to check that the crypto payment gateway development company you choose offers these features. Because many of them are not providing lots of features, charge a high price for each feature, and implementing these features would take more than 8 months.

    To avoid these hurdles, many of the startups started to prefer crypto payment gateway clone scripts from the leading script provider. It is ready-made software that looks similar to a well-known crypto payment gateway. It has all the essential features and plug-ins to create a flourishing cryptocurrency payment gateway. For example – CoinPayments is one of the well-known crypto payment gateways in the crypto sector. CoinPayments clone script is an exact replica of CoinPayments. Therefore, by using the Coinpayments clone script, you could launch a superfine crypto payment gateway like Coinpayments within 5 days at a budget-friendly price.

    Refer this blog to know more – CoinPayments Clone Script

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