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    Decentralization: DeFi applications operate without the use of middlemen or a centralised authority since they are built on blockchain technology and decentralised networks.
    DeFi programmes are open-source and transparent in how they operate, allowing users to see exactly how their money is being spent.
    DeFi applications use safe coding techniques and cryptographic methods to protect users’ money and data from hackers and other bad actors.
    Interoperability: DeFi applications are made to function together and integrate seamlessly with other DeFi applications and blockchain networks.
    Automation: To reduce the need for manual intervention and boost productivity, DeFi applications use smart contracts to automate transactions and procedures.
    DeFi programmes are created to be inclusive, so everyone with an internet connection can use them, regardless of where they live or how much money they have.
    Accessibility: Users can easily interact with DeFi applications because they are often accessible through web or mobile interfaces.

    The development of a strong and secure DeFi development that can support a variety of financial services and applications depends on these features.

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