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    Cointool App, is a token generator platform built for generating crypto tokens like Bep20 tokens & ERC20 tokens. Codes are scripted and readily available as Cointool App Clone Script. Tokens are easily created with the support of this Token Generator Platform.

    Cointool App Clone Script comes with advanced features like,

      Batch check balance
      Batch wallet generate
      Token allowance checker
      Token batch collection
      Token hold scan
      Chain record
      Smart Contract
      Token Locker
      Referral Program
      Gas Price
      Coding knowledge is not required

    Tokens created in this platform along with the smart contract and it can be easily deployed, Capped, Mintable, Burnable BEP20, ERC20 Token. Begin your token generation platform, for your business with a instant website script >> Cointool App Clone Script.

    For More Queries:
    📩 Mail: support@sellbitbuy.net
    📞Phone : +91 8015204845

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