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    While seeking the global demand of cryptocurrency and its trading platforms, getting a top-notch crypto exchange like Binance is a great option. Because Binance has an enormous number of initial coin listings and low trading fees attract many users across the border. This exchange platform has gathered 28.6 and above users and $20b and above revenue so far.

    Moreover, Binance provides 500+ cryptocurrencies and a major number of altcoins. Not just this, This exchange platform provides gifting ideas like “gifto” for its users, and also it offers funds for its users. Hence, It is the best way to make a large amount of revenue by investing to develop your own cryptocurrency exchange like Binance.

    But before starting to develop your exchange platform it is important to know about the development cost right!

    Cost to start a crypto exchange like Binance

    The development cost is based on various factors such as front-end development, Back-end development, Integration APIs, Blockchain Integration, Testing and Security, and the features that integrate your exchange platform.

    And the most important thing is developing ways that will determine the cost, Yes if you prefer to develop from scratch its price could be 20$k to 40$k. If you are ready to go with clone script it could start at 8$k with basic features and moreover, Mainly the developing cost is based on your business requirements.

    Compared to other ways Binance clone script is the best option because it is more cost-effective you can easily buy and launch in a short period of time. This clone script has customization options so you can modify it as per your business needs.

    The crucial step is to find a reputed development team because not all development companies are great. As of my research, WeAlwin Technologies is a reputed cryptocurrency exchange development company that has a rich portfolio and a good number of positive client-review for the projects done in the same domain.

    Get a free demo >> https://www.alwin.io/binance-clone-script

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