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    MLM (Multilevel Marketing) is a network marketing method of selling products by developing a large network of people. Direct sale companies use this technique to enhance their sale among the global audience.
    MLM has several types of plans such as Binary, Unilevel, Matrix, Stairstep, and many others. This blog is going to discuss the Binary MLM system, which is one of the most popular and widely used MLM plans.

    Binary MLM Plan:
    The upper members of the distribution list hire other members to the downline on both the legs i.e. left and right which forms a shape of a binary tree as the name of the plan suggests. Let’s explain with an example:
    Suppose there is a distributor called “X” in the system, who has enrolled in the MLM by purchasing a package offered by the company. Now, he can refer other people to the program and start earning a commission by selling products directly and a profit from the referred member’s sale.

    X will further refer another person to the MLM program, let’s say he referred a person called, “P”, now P will be connected below the X. X will get profit by referring and from the sales of P. P will further refer other individuals that will be connected to left and right leg of P. let’s say P refers A and B. P will get profit from A and B. Now a complete binary tree has been formed.

    As many people will be referred to the program by the existing members, the larger will be the binary tree. The network will keep expanding and the sale and profit will expand equally.

    Using the binary structured MLM plan, a company can ensure a boost in sales and therefore, in revenue generation. if you are also looking forward to launching your own binary MLM software, you can get user-friendly, secured, and feature full software from the Zeligz web store. They will offer you the guidance and support to help you achieve your goals in the industry. Check out their binary MLM software demo to know more.

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