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    I did a Tarot reading-unfortunately ATS is very picky in terms of uploading photos to the site and therefore I cannot load the photo of the spread I took.

    Essentially it said the following:

    There was an agreement between the West and Russia-this was advantageous for each party.
    There was an attempt to move away from this agreement-it seems like this was more done by the West. A new offer was proposed to Putin who declined it.
    The next card was symbolized by the Devil-with both the West and Russia chained. This seems to be sort of something out of both their control. Like it was instigated by an outside force. It wasn’t something Biden or the EU decided and it may even be the decision to go to War was not what Putin decided. The Devil is more of a..slavery situation. And both sides are enslaved to this…force or what not.
    The decision to go to war was deliberated by the West but it seems to have been put off the table.
    The decision was to move to more underhanded and behind the scenes methods. Economic ones. This will cause severe issues in Russia and may even cause a civil war of sorts. A lot of strife and division will occur.

    At this time, it does not look like this will turn to WW3.


    It’s great that you’re using your intuition and skills to help others, and it’s always important to remember to approach these things with love and respect. Suppose you’re looking for other professional psychic readers.


    Hey there, this is a really interesting read about your Tarot reading. It’s great that you’re exploring and trying to understand yourself more. The cards you pulled seem to suggest a shift towards self-discovery and moving away from external stimuli, which is a great step. It’s inspiring to see that you’re willing to make changes and take control of your thoughts and emotions. Kudos to you! Btw, have you checked out the Reddit psychic community? It’s a great place to connect with like-minded individuals and learn more about Tarot and self-discovery.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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