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    Doubler script by Zeligz Web Store is an ideal match to your entire doubler script requirements. Below are the key features of this phenomenal script:

    Ease of use: You don’t need to be technically strong to begin running this script. Not only it’s a piece of cake for anybody to use, but you get 24/7 support whenever confusion or issue arises.

    Referral system: Their script consists of an integrated referral system. It will help you gather numerous numbers of investors to your platform. Up to 10 levels are made in the referral system of this script.

    Statistics included: A section is added in the admin as well as the user panel that keeps the track of all the clients, investments made, and payouts. It will give you the privilege to access all the necessary information about your platform easily.

    Secured: A script is useless without the necessary security featured in this era fill-up with the hackers. Keeping it as a serious concern, they have developed this script using all the latest and essential security tools such as encryption of files, Google authentication, and Google captcha.

    Withdrawal systems: To make the payments easier for the users, the script offers the option of automatic and manual payments.

    Other features: All the other advanced features are available in their script to make it a perfect match for the client’s requirements. Also, if customization is needed for any part of the script, the clients can ask the company and get it done without a hassle.

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