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    You have gained insights into the functionality of a music streaming app like Spotify. Now, let us discuss some indispensable features of a Spotify Clone app in this section.

    Browse for music

    Once logged into the music app, users can browse for their favorite songs. By using the help of the smart search option, they can search with albums and artists. This eases the way of finding the songs they like with almost a few taps.

    Share music

    When a music streaming app is integrated with popular social media like Facebook and an instant messaging app like WhatsApp, the users can share their favorite songs or playlists with their friends through other channels.

    Music personalization

    The app functions with Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence algorithms. So, the app recommends songs based on individual music preferences.

    Digital payment options

    Those who have availed of a premium membership have to pay a fee on a monthly, quarterly, annually basis. They can make use of the available digital payment modes for this. Ensuring the transactions have been made simpler and easier.

    Push notifications

    User interaction or engagement can be increased by sending push-notifications via the app. These should be personalized, like notifying them regarding the inclusion of new songs or genres they like.

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