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    After the advent of blockchain technology, various industries have gained more benefits and cryptocurrency is one of them. Over the past few years, the crypto industry is revolutionizing the finance world by introducing various new concepts. Among them, the popular idea of raising funds is known as crypto crowdfunding.

    Crypto crowdfunding is the most prominent concept in raising funds via cryptocurrencies. It is an effective revenue-generating platform for emerging startups and entrepreneurs. Crypto crowdfunding can be categorized into various types like ICO, STO, IEO, etc. ICO is a popular crowdfunding platform when compared to STO & IEO.

    Let us have a look at ICO in a crisp.

    What is ICO?

    ICO is one of the easiest crypto-crowdfunding models in the crypto space to raise funds quickly and effectively.ICO is a crowd sale platform where people will sell their newly released crypto tokens and crypto coins to various users across the globe.

    10 Simple Steps To Launch Your ICO Platform

    Discover a business idea
    Find out the IC0-Friendly Countries
    Create a Crypto Token
    Launch your ICO Website
    Marketing / Advertisement
    Token countdown
    Technical Team
    Strong Advisory Board

    Fulfilling the above steps for your business project without any guidance may take a longer time to launch your ICO platform. But it can be made easier by choosing the right ICO script provider.

    Finding a reliable ICO Script Provider – How?

    Many ICO Script providers are available in the market but when it comes to ICO Script, you need to choose a trustworthy script provider. Finding trustworthy ICO script providers is again a big task. To make your task a simpler one, I have consulted many business experts & ICO Advisers. Based on their suggestion & self-analysis I have chosen CoinsQueens. Coinsqueens is one of the most promising ICO Script providers in the current market. Coinsqueens have 5+ years of experience in the crypto industry & successfully delivered 50+ crypto projects (Exchange, ICO, STO, Token creation) across the globe. They delivered their client’s projects on time, bug-free, safe, & secure manner.

    If you are interested,

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    Telegram: @coinsqueens
    Mail: sales@coinsqueens.com

    Book A Free Demo On ICO Script @ https://coinsqueens.com/ico-script-software

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