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BakerySwap Clone Script:

BakerySwap Clone Script is a prefabricated and ready-to-deploy Defi-based DEX platform like the original BakerySwap working on the Binance Smart Chain(BSC). This clone script comes with a completely customizable option, highly secure, staking, and liquidity so that you can insert or modify any features to standard uniquely compared with competitors.

Details Of BakerySwap Clone Script:

Latest Version: BakerySwap updated in 2022
Type: Decentralized Exchange Script
Native Token: BAKE Token
API: Liquidity API Integrated
Swapping Token: BNB Token
Some of the Additionally supported tokens: BNB, BAKE, BUSD, BTCB, DOT, ETH, BETH, etc.

Benefits of our BakerySwap Clone Script:

Here listed some of the Benefits acquired by our BakerySwap clone script.

Smart Contract
Liquidity Pools
Swap Mechanism
Exchange APIs
Payment Gateways
Cryptocurrency Wallets
Identity and privacy
Binance Smart Chain powered with Consensus
Security APIs and more.

Core features Of Our bakerySwap Clone Script:

Liquidity pool allowance
NFT Supermarket
Initial DEX Offering(IDO)
Automated Market Maker(AMM)
Bug-free Smart Contract
Bug Bounty
Live price charts
Transaction History and more.

Connect with our top leading Defi development company “WeAlwin Technology”, and assist you to launch a profitable DEX platform on Binance Smart Chain(BSC). Our well-known Blockchain expertise will do your BakerySwap platform within 48 hours. So don’t hesitate to reach us now for your cost-efficient project.

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