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Bitstamp clone script is an exact replica that acquires all the advanced features and functions of the original Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is a fully customized software that helps you to easily launch your cryptocurrency exchange business within less time. This cryptocurrency exchange clone script is running completely running with the help of a blockchain network.

Why start your cryptocurrency exchange platform like Bitstamp?

Bitstamp clone script is the most popular crypto exchange platform that attracts crypto entrepreneurs, crypto investors, and business people With the help of a user-friendly dashboard and high performance. All around the world more than 100+ countries this platform is accessible, and more than 4 million active customers trade in this crypto platform. So many crypto investors and traders trust the Bitstamp clone script blindly.

Benefits of Bitstamp clone script:

Low fees
International Availability
Multi-fiat currency support
Crypto market updates
Bitstamp wallet
Intuitive interface

Features that are acquired by the Bitstamp clone script:

Integration of cryptocurrency wallet
High processing pace
Reliable support system
High-performance FIX
Secured payment gateway integration
Limit order, market order, and stop order
Auto-match engine
Admin and user dashboard
GPS tracking
Referral program
Diverse deposit options
Liquidity API.

The security features of the Bitstamp clone script:

KYC verification
Registry lock
Anti-phishing software
Secured crypto wallet
Two-factor authentication
Biometric authentication
HTTP authentication
Data encryption
SQL injection prevention
Anti Denial of Service (DoS)
Anti-Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS)

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