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If a startup or an entrepreneur planning to start an ICO crowdfunding model. ICO dashboard software is the best one to kickstart your crypto crowdfunding. Some people may ask why I should launch my ICO using ICO Dashboard software. For that to answer, you need to know about ico dashboard software.

What is an ICO dashboard software?

ICO dashboard software is a complete package ready -made software that is designed to conduct a token sale for your investors & it’s customizable software so you can modify the ico dashboard software as per your business requirements. The ICO dashboard software package comes with (ICO website, crypto token creation & wallet), so you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Before buying the ICO dashboard software, you need to look at ICO dashboard software features. Here i listed some important features

Best Features of ICO dashboard software:

ICO Panel (User & Admin)
Real-time statistics
User-friendly interface
Secured crypto token wallet
Multi-Language Support
Buy with Fiat and Crypto
Automated and Manual Token transfer
KYC/AML verification
Referral & Bounty program & so on.

These are some important features you need to consider when you buy your ICO dashboard software. But all the ICO dashboard software providers do not offer these features at a budget-friendly price. Only a few prominent ICO dashboard software providers can offer the ICO software with all above mentioned features at a cost-efficient price. One such provider is CoinsQueens.

CoinsQueens is a professional ICO/STO & Crypto Token Development Service Provider in the crypto market. Their developers are well-trained experts to create your ICO platform. Also, their motto is client stratification, so their ICO dashboard software package price is very budget-friendly, the price range starts from $5K, the price might be tentative, as per your business needs.

If you’re interested in doing business with them, then feel free to connect with their experts directly via.,

Whatsapp / Telegram @ +918754053377

Mail: sales@coinsqueens.com

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