More and more exchange platforms are grooming in the world but there are many platforms that can be hacked easily. But Coinbase is a trustworthy platform that has high-security features and low fee structure accounting of all this is considered to be trustworthy.

It is a well-developed and user-friendly platform, where cryptocurrencies and tokens can be exchanged as well as swapped, buy, sell tokens and coins. This will have a KYC process and follows the rules and regulations.

It is right if you wonder, How such significant features would fail to meet all the demands of existing crypto enthusiasts!

Security measures of Coinbase

ID verification

The user must submit any of the ID proof issued by the government which will have an address, name, DOB, etc.

Cold storage usage for security purposes

While storing money in any of the online wallets is risky, Coinbase provides you an offline cold storage wallet to keep your digital assets safe. 98% of the people use cold storage to safeguard their assets. Coinbase spreads this wallet globally to store digital assets.

Coinbase wallet security

Every customer has their own wallet address and private keys encrypted.
This keeps traders’ personal information and other information stored offline.
And the AES-256 is used to store information and this is split into multiple copies and stored in FIPS- 140 USB drives and paper copies.

Some additional security features

They have a unique device password and two-factor authentication. They have to pass a criminal record test. They should have prominent workstation hard drives and should access them only with a strong password.

As this has all the security features this is definitely a secured platform.

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