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Many startups have a lot of ideas to start their new business, but they don’t have sufficient funds to launch their business. Now the funding is not an obstacle for your business ideas. Yes, crowdfunding is the easiest solution for your financial needs to launch your new business. Speaking of crowdfunding, ICO is one of the easiest & efficient crowdfunding models. Now you will think, What is ICO? Initial coin offering is a popular way to raise funds for your products and services by issuing tokens to the investors.

Your next question will be like, How to launch an ICO Platform?

Launching an ICO platform will be easy if you followed these steps:

1. Discover a business idea- By having an innovative business idea you can pitch your business idea to potential investors
2. White paper – Whitepaper is documentation to define your business ideas and roadmap of your business projects and tips to enhance the business.
3. Get an ICO Script – Get your ICO script from the reliable script provider
4. Crypto token creation – Token is an essential thing for your ICO crowdfunding, It helps to raise capital for your business from the investors.
5. ICO website – Launch your own ICO website platform for token sales or fundraising
6. Marketing plan – The marketing plan should be predefined in a clear way to reach out to global users.

Fulfilling the above steps for your business project without any guidance may take a longer time to launch your ICO platform. But it can be made easier by choosing the right ICO script provider.

Find a reliable ICO Script Provider – How?

Many ICO Script providers are available in the market but when it comes to ICO Script, you need to choose a trustworthy script provider. Finding trustworthy ICO script providers is again a big task. To make your task a simpler one, I have consulted many business experts & ICO Advisers. Based on their suggestion & self-analysis I have chosen CoinsQueens. Coinsqueens is one of the most promising ICO Script providers in the current market. Coinsqueens have 5+ years of experience in the crypto industry & successfully delivered 50+ crypto projects (Exchange, ICO, STO, Token creation) across the globe. They delivered their client’s projects on time, bug-free, safe, & secured manner.

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